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Pat's Work Values:

Pat has been a crane operator for 15+ years. Prior to crane operating, Pat worked as a mechanic. His work values include:

- safety

- work ethic

- efficient job performance

Pat's Personal Values:

Pat was born and raised in Lambton County by his parents, and tolerated by his brother and sisters.

Pat's personal values include:

- family

- honesty & integrity

- loyalty

"Pat's Hats":

Aside from wearing the hat of "expert crane operator", Pat wears many other hats:

- partner

- dad & step-dad

- step-grandpa

- son

- brother

- friend

- "good-times-haver"




"What's the deal with the '555' in the logo?"

Pat Johnson was lucky enough to be mentored by two legends in the crane operating industry, Lorne Braekevelt and Jim McLean. He was a student, absorbing all of the knowledge he could, but he also quickly came to call these mentors "friends".


First, Pat is centred between Jim and Lorne at a Labour Day Parade.


Next, the "555" within the Luby's Crane Ltd. logo is featured. This is a subtle, but touching tribute to Pat's mentor, and dear friend, who unfortunately passed away in 2019. Pat strives everyday to honour the legacy that Lorne left behind.

Luby's Crane LTD logo
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